re: Ways of Seeing

Demonstration of Wealth, Power, and Status

In Mr. and Mrs. Andrews by Gainsborough, as much as the subject is the land behind them it is more about their composure towards their land and the idea that the land is being painted to demonstrate such ownership.


In this painting Reuben goes against the common culture like that seen above and chooses to paint the free and vastness of the land surrounding the castle.


In the first self portrait by Rembrandt he demonstrates the same characteristics qualities of the objective of the paintings as the prior images. However in the latter image he represents the counter culture that Reuben introduced.
How does the intent behind the painting impact the impression that it creates?
The Rembrandts reminded me of the the book the Alchemist where the protagonist ends their journey where they began the story, however with the knowledge and experience gained from their journey they view their position entirely differently. Similarly, when I look at the images of Mr and Mrs Andrew, I initially envision these people and land. Yet when I learn more of the intent behind the illustrations the seemingly simplye images become much more complex.